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Ufasoft Coin 0.110 new features: SOCKS5, TOR,
bootstrap.dat DB format

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hi, i had installed you wallet plus miner software then used xpm address on different faucet sites.

now after 1 month when i am trying to open ur software, it is giving me this error

"Error 880c07d3: Ext:2003 Databse created with newer version of software 0.120"

but i am unable to find any kind of version 0.120 of ur software anywhere. if i click ok there then wallet is loading without any crypto i had previously selected before this error.


1: tried running coin.exe with admin prevelege n with winxp compatiblity in my win7 pc.

2: tried deleting primecoin.udb in appdata folder. though wallet is not giving tht error this time, but it is showing -1 sign in block field of xpm n no other coins appearing there.

so, plz tell me how to recover my precious currency balance there.

NOTE: i have taken backup of all files present in appdata/ufasoft/ folder before deleting them.