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version 0.80 issue with Bitcoin?

Started by notahardwareguy, Feb 28, 2014, 10:58 pm

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I recently downloaded version 0.80 because I was having an issue with Bitcoin not updating. Still having the issue. LTC and FTC working fine but BTC stuck on block 284028.

In addition, if I "just let it run" it eventually crashes with a too little memory error. System has plenty. Am running Win8.

Help? Thanks.


Am still having issues. I tried compressing the databases (have FTC, LTC, and BTC active). the FTC and LTC databases compressed fine but the system aborted with an "unhandled exception" before the BTC compression completed (I believe). I let the application send you a crash dump. BTC is still stuck on block 284028.

Any help? Thanks.


We know that BTC database downloading is very slow and sometime crashes.
We hope to improve it soon (in 2 months).
There is no good solution exist in the current moment.

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