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Reset database after corruption + "lite mode"

Started by Epsylon80, May 10, 2014, 03:15 pm

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I'm running the latest ufasoft_coin_0.92.exe on Windows XP (virtual machine) and I would like to know what is the "lite mode"? I tried once and the blockchain downloading seemed to be quicker, but after a while it crashed and I couldn't use some currencies anymore (when I wanted to select them it was saying that they were already opened, even though they wasn't appearing in the list). I had multiple popup windows saying "database corruption". On the contrary, I wasn't able to close the Terracoin when I tried to (and it also made the whole thing crash). I don't know if it's really linked with the using of "lite mode" though. The fact is I had the same database corruption issue even after I desinstalled the program and re-installed it afterwards, it didn't reset the program. Fortunately I'm running it on a virtual machine so I only had to install it on a new one, but is there an easy way to reset databases in case of corruption?


I also often have a popup saying "bad address" that closes the program when you click it, but I don't know what address it refers to. And often "unhandled exception" error too.


"Lite Mode" implements SPV client without full database download.
It is recent feature and was not tested carefully yet.
For all currencies except Bitcoin it is better to disable "Lite mde"


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Okay, thank you!

And is there a way to reset databases (all or only some of them) in case of corruption? Desinstalling/installing the program doesn't help. Is Ufasoft Coin stocking infos somewhere else outside of its own directory in Windows?

(PS: I also have some messages in "Events" saying that the Novacoin database should be updated, and a message from Feathercoin saying that Litecoin should be updated too. As for now the chainblock downloading for Feathercoin and Litecoin stopped and don't resume anymore).

EDIT: I just found out that if you go to C:/documents and settings/<user>/application data and delete the ufasoft folder it resets all database.


Delete %APPDATA%\Ufasoft\Coin\*.udb files. But keep wallet.db - it contains your coins.
Events are related to original client software. Ignore them


Understood. Thank you very much for your patience!  :)

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